Pioneering in Packaging !!!

We have redefined the term packaging by introducing Thermoformed Vacuum Pack for Paneer in india with the worlds best machine from MULTIVAC Germany. Today we offer 20 of our products packed in the same method using 4 such machines. Our packaging and design attracts industry accolades and the standards are followed by many. Our packing designs are done in-house with daring bright colours which emphasis the freshness and premium quality of our product. With this we make sure that the superior product quality and world class packaging are matched and provided to our customers !!!

Cold Chain Infrastructure, Which binds the Original Quality up to the fork!!!!

To ensure the product quality up to our primary clients and stores, we have a fleet of Reefer trucks of various capacities to take care of cold chain, which forms the most essential part to retain the products inherent properties. We provide refrigerated vehicles to the distributors to ensure the continuity of cold chain management. The entire logistics is monitored using the latest GPS technology to ensure timely service and product temperature at every stage. In order to extend the cold chain to our secondary customers like retail outlets, we are the only Dairy to provide Visi-coolers to every eligible outlet, which enhances the brand visibility and ensures product quality. We are in the process of extending this to as many stores as possible to make sure that the product reaches the end consumer in its best quality.

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