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Paneer – our flagship product is made using the most hygienic and safe standards ever in the industry this side of the world.




Milky Mist Khoa and Kalakand

Milky Mist Khoa and Kalakand are products that are made for both the home maker and also professional sweet shops. The 1kg and 5kg packages are ideal for both. The celebrations, occasion and the fun time always call for something sweet. There’s nothing to beat the perfect texture of Khoa that can be made into the favourite sweet that instantly is a hit at home and elsewhere. We also give you an option of choosing from the sweetened Khoa and the unsweetened Khoa.


Milky Mist Curd


Our Set Curd is a rich source of calcium and proteins. Prepared from superior quality pasteurised toned milk to give you the right thickness and texture. The live and active bacterial culture contained in Milky Mist Curd hels digestion and lets you live a healthy active life. Currently available in 400gms and 250gms.

Milky Mist Fresh Cream

Milky Mist fresh cream is the most dynamic of our products, a perfect blend for both the hot curries that you make and also for the most desirable deserts. Our Cream has the optimum  thickness that makes it a must for every kitchen, be it a home or the perfectionist chef's abode. The pack that is easy to use comes in 100gms and 250gms in a multi - layered pouch that keeps it fresh till you are ready for it.



Milky Mist Mozzarella Cheese

Our cheese is soft fresh cheese made from Cow's milk. It is usually produced in spherical shapes. It has a mild taste with a stretchy and rubbery texture. Currently available in 3 sizes, 1 kg, 500gms and 200gms.


Milky Mist Ghee

Milky Mist Ghee is made from pure cow's milk, giving you the perfect blend of aroma and texture that makes our ghee stand apart. Cow's ghee is easy to digest and also does not give you the regular challenges identified with fat. Currently available in two sizes 1 kilogram and 1.5 kilogram, we very shortly would like to introduce other sizes too.


Milky Mist Butter

Milky Mist Table Butter is our premium product that is a must in most homes. It comes in easy to use 100gms, 250gms and 500gms packs. These are convenient packs for small, medium and regular homes of India. The creamy yellow colour of butter made from cow's milk reminds you of the generation that has had the best of both the worlds. Milky Mist butter for those yummy cakes and fluffy muffins, not to forget the home made asian delicacies; unsalted, natural, pure cow’s milk butter that bring back memories of the yonder years. Perfect churning, precise fermenting, delicate handling and the goodness of nature is all yours in a pack that blends together with all your kitchen ingredients. Need we say more? Pick your choice from 100gms or 500gms to give your delicacies the ultimate seasoning.


Competitive Price
Convenient and User Friendly Packs
Easily Available
Makes Food Delicious
Cooking is Fun

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